S1E2 - The Hooded Man

1 year ago

The Hooded Man

___Content Warning_** : stalking and obsession

Episode 2 - The Hooded Man

Everyone has had a feeling of being watched from time to time. Many have experienced the unwelcome, uncomfortable attention of a stranger. Bianca swears there's a man intent on following her every move; a man whose only attribute is the dark hood he wears.

This episode was written by Mark Zurek.

It was directed by Elsbeth Denman

Bianca was played by Yh√° Mourhia Wright

Liz was played by Cindy Chu

AJ was played by Christian Victoria Allen

Officer Wilson was played by Cole Whitmore

The Narrator was played by Mark Zurek

Dark Valley is produced and edited by Elsbeth Denman

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