S1E5 - The Many Wounds of Gwen Miller

1 year ago

Episode Notes

Content Warning: Manipulation, Gaslighting, and tension building sound effects.

Episode 5: The Many Wounds of Gwen Miller

Gwen and Erin Miller have always had each other’s best interests at heart, but like sisters often do, they disagree on who knows best. They are about to discover the delicate line between a helping hand and a leash.

This episode was written by Mark Zurek and directed by Elsbeth Denman

Gwen was played by Mary McNulty

Erin was played by Claire Liu

Mike was played by Ryan Hemstock

The Clerk was played by James Malloy

Phyllis was played by Jane Mandel

The Narrator was played by Mark Zurek

Dark Valley is produced and edited by Elsbeth Denman

Special thanks to our Guest Editor, James Malloy

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